MasterPiece Church was an Evangelical Covenant Church active in the Phoenix, Arizona, village of Laveen from 2009 until August 12, 2018. Started by Pastor Brad Boydston, who served the congregation the entire time, the church ministered to homeless men, immigrants, and at-risk children and their families. Their vision was to develop a children's ministry and care center built around gardening and the care of farm animals. That vision never came to full fruition because some of the primary visionaries ended moving out of state due to health issues. However, during their active years the church:

  • sponsored free English classes for immigrants in the community
  • assisted immigrants as they navigated government paperwork
  • assisted immigrants in finding jobs
  • sponsored the South Sudanese Covenant Church in Phoenix
  • sponsored and hosted an Eritrean congregation which was a part of MasterPiece
  • was the corporate owner and manager of the Covenant Child Care Center in Phoenix
  • sponsored 20 family farms in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • sponsored numerous children through Covenant Kids Congo (powered by World Vision)
  • provided financial relief to disaster victims in Haiti and Japan
  • partnered with Pacific Islands University in Guam to provide educational opportunities to underserved people in Micronesia
  • assisted several homeless men as they got off the street
  • hosted Financial Peace University classes to teach money management skills to people in the Laveen community
  • taught evangelism seminars and hosted prayer walks through the community
  • had weekly Bible study groups for men and women
  • provided regular financial support for two missionaries
  • worshipped each Sunday morning
  • talked about Jesus and his agenda -- a lot!
Many of Pastor Brad's sermons and stories are archived at FreshFishFood.org. His Authorized Boydston Paraphrase of the biblical text can be found at MySpin.xyz.

If you need more information please email Pastor Brad -- Brad@MasterPieceChurch.org.

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