Now the hard work begins

The emergency rescue efforts in Haiti will be wrapping up in the next day or two. This week the efforts will start to shift more toward creating longer term relief systems to care for the earthquake survivors. In the months which follow community development projects will emerge to help people not only rebuild but also to improve on what they had.NY Times Haiti photo by Damon Winter

We're privileged to be a part of Covenant World Relief, an extremely efficient compassion and mercy network which works through all phases of such crises. Before most of us were aware of the magnitude of the Haiti earthquake there were already CWR operatives en route. Within hours, through our partners, we were busy rescuing men, women, and children. Now we're providing water, food, and shelter to thousands. In the coming months and years CWR will be there to assist in rebuilding -- just as we were after the hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, the tsunami in Asia, the turmoil in Sudan, and the list goes on.

Covenant World Relief is a grassroots Christian relief agency. Because we work with churches and through in-country partners we don't have a lot of the overhead expenses incurred by many organizations. Because we operate through the natural bonds and connections within the Evangelical Covenant churches we don't have to spend a lot of money or energy in marketing. This means that donations go quickly, quietly (without a lot of hype and fanfare), and directly to areas of need.

If you would like to share in this ministry you can:
1. Make an online donation to the CWR Haiti relief effort.

2. Read more about CWR at their website.

3. Follow their blog.

4. Pray
Posted: 18-Jan-10

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