The Tentative Timeframe

Fall 2009 -- Meet regularly with potential launch team to do some vision development. Find one or two area outreach projects in which we'll participate as a group. Tackle some of the necessary organizational tasks (e.g. incorporation).

Winter 2009-2010 -- Launch team meets regularly to develop community and to connect with new people. One or two area outreach projects.

Spring 2010 -- Continue with launch team development and outreach projects. Start assigning responsibilities for the launch. Develop worship leadership team.

Summer 2010 -- Meet a few times as a launch team. Focus on getting things lined up for the launch.

Fall 2010 -- Begin meeting for worship in September with a "grand opening" in November. Launch children's ministry.

The launch team will be free to speed things up or slow things down in response to the way they see God working.

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